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Our qualified dance teachers are trained to deliver a meaningful experience for all students, whilst improving each individual student’s ability. No-one goes unnoticed!

Helping students become all they can be with Correct Technique, Correct Terminology and Safe dance Practice from Professionally Trained and Qualified dance teachers. 



Kyra 2022.jpg

Director/Teacher R.A.D R.T.S


Kyra’s love for dance began at the ripe age of 2, where she began studying Classical Ballet in Albury, NSW.  During her time as a student Kyra enjoyed studying Jazz, Contemporary, National Character, Ballroom, Latin, Gymnastics and all Classical Ballet genres.


Kyra completed examinations through the Royal Academy of Dance R.A.D syllabus, where she was award distinctions and was also invited to numerous classes and summer schools with the Australian Ballet School in Melbourne, as well as the Tanya Pearson Classical Coaching Academy in Sydney.

In 2010 Kyra opened the doors to Lé Beat Dance Academy with the goal of sharing her love and enthusiasm for dance with the next generation. Her dedication to providing her students with the highest quality of dance tuition led her to completing two years of study with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) to achieve her Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies. This enables her to train, educate and send her students for examinations with the prestigious RAD syllabus as well as train students to become RAD teachers themselves. Kyra has also completed a Diploma in Business Marketing, Diploma in Children’s Services, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and Acrobatic Arts.

Kyra brings an enthusiasm and dedication to Lé Beat that is reflected in the quality of the instructors, programs and facilities. Her goal is to provide all students with an enjoyable dancing experience and sense of accomplishment whilst giving them the tools to become their best.


Kyra is an affiliated member of Southern Federation of Dance (S.F.D) and a registered teacher with Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) and Registered teacher with Acrobatic Arts.

Jas 2022.jpg

Teacher R.A.D R.T.S


Jasmine has been involved greatly in the arts from a young age both nationally and internationally.


With over 25 years of experience as a classical dancer, Jasmine began her training in Albury-Wodonga before furthering her studies at Tanya Pearsons Classical coaching Academy where she also achieved Distinctions in her RAD and Checchetti Examinations. She then went on to perform with Sydney Youth Ballet as well as Goh Ballet in Canada and on international tours. Jasmine has been teaching dance for over 10 years and is a current RAD registered teacher.

Jasmine’s work as a teacher is fueled by passion and a dedication to the precision and detail, she finds applies to the art form. As well as Jasmines allied learning paths, a diploma in digital imaging and a higher certificate in nutritional studies, including sports nutrition and life coaching; Jasmine is confident to be able offer the skills required to support the health and wellbeing of students, alongside assisting them fulfil their potential as an individual and in the dance studio.

Jasmine has just completed her Certificate IV training and Assessment in 2022. Jasmine is a registered Teacher with the Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D).

Chelsea 2022.jpg



Chelsea is an experienced dancer who has Studied a wide array of Genres from Classical Ballet, Ballroom and everything in-between through to Hip Hop.


Chelsea has traveled and represented Australia in Hip Hop at UDO in Glasgow, UK in 2018. Chelsea competed in dance competitions nationally and internationally for many years receiving scholarships to Patrick's Studio, Spectrum Dance and Jason Colman Ministry of Dance. 


Chelsea has just completed her 6th year of teaching before joining our LBDA Team. Chelsea recently won best choreography award in 2022 and continues to create and inspire dancers with her brillant choreography.


Chelsea aims to positively influence dancers through education and creative techniques. Chelsea is currently studying to become a Physiotherapist at University. She hopes to use her Physiotherapist knowledge to educate students about safety in dance practice and correct technique.


In Chelsea's spare time she still loves to perform herself. Chelsea hit the stage in Chicago the Musical in 2018 for Albury Wodonga Theatre Company and she looks forward to more opportunities like these and looks forward to more workshop opportunities to continue her professional development as a teacher. 

teacher sophie.jpg



Sophie has been fortunate to train under the mentorship of the esteemed international choreographer and exercise scientist, Tim Podesta. Her journey in the world of dance has been adorned with remarkable experiences and notable achievements that she is excited to bring to LBDA.


Throughout her career, she has had the privilege of showcasing her talent in various performances across Australia. Sharing the stage with distinguished principal artists from prestigious companies such as the Royal Ballet Company, Ballet Dortmund, and Company Wayne McGregor which enriched her artistic perspective and honed her skills on stage. These experiences have shaped her understanding of diverse movement qualities and the intrinsic versatility that dance offers.


Sophie's commitment to inclusivity in dance led her to work in environments embracing both adaptive and non-adaptive dancers. This exposure instilled in her a profound appreciation for diversity and the belief that dance is a medium that transcends boundaries. Moreover, Sophie's training emphasized the crucial link between physiology, postural application, and injury prevention. Understanding the importance of working in a manner that respects the body’s mechanics is a philosophy is what Sophie will bring to LBDA.


It’s essential to her that students not only explore their artistic capabilities but also do so in a manner that prioritizes their physical well-being. Sophie as a teacher at LBDA, Is passionate about inspiring young dancers to explore their innate potential and discover the breadth of movement possibilities. Her love for diverse movement qualities and her dedication to fostering an environment that encourages exploration will serve as guiding principles in nurturing the next generation of dancers at LBDA.




At the L.B.D.A., Monet discovered her love for dance when she first started dancing at the age of 8. When Monet won the scholarship in 2017, she studied according to the R.A.D. Syllabus. Monet has competed in acrobatics, jazz, contemporary, lyrical, classical ballet, and other dance genres.


Since a young age, Monet has had a natural talent for teaching and a love of children. Monet wants to be a leader and role model for her students, one who they can look up to. Monet enjoys instructing Technique and has a keen eye for detail. 

Monet has had the good fortune to receive a wide range of technique training from eminent professors and choreographers in our field. Monet will carry on developing herself in the dance industry. 

teacher maddy.jpg



Dancing diversly for 13 years and counting, Maddy has been able to grasp numerous opportunities to enhance, develop and perform her work and knowledge of dance locally and state-wide. The experiences she has gained from working with professional choreographers have deepened her insight into choreographic structure and Maddy is so excited to plant her input to LBDA. 


Fortunately, in High School Maddy was able to study Dance through the HSC syllabus and learn about the fundamentals of dance including Body Works, Elements of Dance, Performance Quality and Dynamics, which has led her to achieve a callback nomination in her HSC core performance piece in 2023. Maddy also received the Dance Special Award at James Fallon High School in 2023.  Maddy has been involved in the Senior Riverina Ensemble from 2018-2023 and has been provided with performance opportunities showcased state-wide including multiple NSW Education State Dance Festivals as well School Spectaculars. 


Maddy has been trained in a variety of styles from Tap to Contemporary, Lyrical to Hip hop, Ballet to Jazz; she has had the privilege to perform these styles in local events; mentoring a local personality in Stars of the Border 2023 and being a featured dancer in successful local productions The Wizard of Oz, Priscilla: Queen of the Desert, Chicago and The Little Mermaid. 


Having the previous experience of teaching dance locally for 4 years, working with children from ages 3 upwards and being educated in advocating with sensory friendly students, has grown Maddy's confidence and love for teaching choreography as well as mentoring students to reach their full potential and allow their passion for dance to be showcased. 


To be a teacher at LBDA, Maddy is spirited in giving each and every student the same amount of opportunity to explore the creativity of dance and find their happiness in movement, additionally always providing a positive attitude and dedicated environment for all dancers to strive. 

teacher macy.jpg



Embarking on her dance journey at the age of 3, Macy has developed a love for the artistry found within a diverse range of styles -- from the grace of ballet, vivacity of jazz, the emotional depth of contemporary, and the charms of musical theatre. Macy has had the privilege to attend three dance schools, each with amazing teachers that fostered her growth as a dancer while also providing her with skills for personal development.


Macy began solo and group performances at the age of 6 and she has embraced many performance opportunities that allowed her to share the stage with professional dancers, learn from esteemed choreographers and make new friends throughout the experiences. Notable highlights from these performance opportunities include dancing alongside the Imperial Russian Ballet Company in 2016 and 2018, participating in the Australasian Ballet Challenge from 2017 to 2019, and being involved in the Albury Wodonga Youth Ballet from 2021 to 2023, where she was honored to earn a scholarship for their upcoming 2024 season. These diverse platforms granted her with so much insight from others, which she has been able to incorporate into her own dance repertoire.


The boundless potential for creative expression within all aspects of dance has always resonated with Macy deeply and has been her favorite part of the art. Dance to Macy has been, and still is, a space where she can channel emotions creatively and freely, fostering a positive mindset through imaginative movements and artistic expression. Macy hopes to share this creative expression with others.


Dancing at LBDA for the past five years has only expanded Macy's love, passion, and adoration for dance. She is so delighted to be able to be a part of the teaching team to assist aspiring young dancers build a strong foundation in strength and technique while also expressing the beauty of this art form, as she has. Macy looks forward to utilizing her skills and knowledge that she has gained throughout her dance journey thus far, as well as incorporating her VCE studies in Psychology to be able to support dancers in understanding the importance of a healthy mind and body when involved in dance. Macy hopes to create a joyful environment where the magic of dance can come to life.

Amelia 2022.jpg



Amelia has spent all of her childhood years dancing, beginning at the ripe age of one, where she began studying classical ballet in Albury, NSW. She enrolled at Le Beat in 2014 at the age of five, where she began training and preparing through the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus. So far, she has partaken in exams from Grade 1 through to Intermediate Foundation and received distinctions and high merits in each level.


Amelia mainly focuses on all classical ballet genres, including neo classical, demi character, pointe and lyrical, as well as training in acrobatics. She has also worked in different styles such as contemporary, cheerleading, jazz, and hip hop and has had many opportunities to be taught by industry professionals through workshops.


For many years, Amelia has been a member of one of the LBDA competition teams and competes at various eisteddfods as a soloist. This has seen her achieve Runner Up Ultimate Dancer in 2022, as well as qualifying to compete at national level competitions.

Amelia looks forward to taking the next step in her dancing as a teacher. She will continue to study the Royal Academy of Dance Syllabus as a student but will also attend extra-curricular with the Royal Academy of Dance around Australia to provide the best for the younger LBDA Classical students.

Sienna 2022.jpg



Sienna started dancing when she was 6 years old at LBDA, since then Sienna has trained and competed across many styles of dance; Classical Ballet, National Character, Neo Classical, Lyrical, contemporary, jazz, hip hop and acrobatics. 


Sienna has completed her Royal Academy of Dance (R.A.D) Classical Ballet Examinations and was awarded Distinction. Sienna has been assisting in teaching dance for three years and is now ready to take on her own classes with Pro tots and Beginner Acrobatic Arts. Sienna will be studying Acrobatic Arts Syllabus as a teacher in 2023 as well as continuing her skills as an advanced Acrobatic Art student.


Sienna is calm and patient with students. She understands not every student will learn the same and that she needs to be able to adapt her lesson plans to each classes needs. Sienna understands the working of the body and has a great eye for detail, body alignment and weight placement.

We are extremely confident that any student in her class will love her and will come away with correct dance knowledge and technique from her classes. 

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