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To Our LBDA Families,

With the NSW Government releasing the Roadmap for reopening the State, we have received updated information regarding Vaccination requirements for accessing our Dance Studio.

We ask all families respect that whilst we did not create the Rules, our Teachers are required to enforce the rules. We thank-you in advance for your understanding as we apply the Vaccination Requirements at Le Beat Dance Academy.

In line with the NSW Government Public Health Orders:

  1. We will require Proof of Vaccination Starting Monday 11/10/21

  2. All clients 16/Over must be Fully Vaccinated

  3. All clients Under 12 must be accompanied by a Fully Vaccinated Adult at drop off.

  4. All clients aged 12 – 15 years must be accompanied by a Fully Vaccinated Adult if they are not vaccinated at drop off.

  5. All clients aged 12 – 15 years who are Fully Vaccinated can be unaccompanied

This is inline with the NSW Covid 19 70% Roadmap which can be found here:

New Vaccination Check-In Process

  • As per above Public Health Orders, all Adult clients and unaccompanied 12 – 15 year old clients will be required to provide Proof of Vaccination to gain entry

  • As we are not able to keep a record of your Vaccination status, the Proof of Vaccination will need to be provided each time you enter and you will also need to check in with the QR code.

The following are acceptable Proof of Vaccination:

  1. Your Covid 19 Digital Certificate which can be accessed through the Express Plus Medicare Mobile App or Medicare Online Account through MyGov

  2. A printed version of your Covid 19 Digital Certificate or immunization history available through MyGov

  3. A signed copy of your exemption form

Unvaccinated Adults

Inline with NSW Government Public Health Orders any unvaccinated adults or any adults who cannot (or choose not to) provide Proof of Vaccination will be refused entry.

We are very excited to be returning to face to face teaching in the studio on the 13th September 2021. We have missed you all so very much!


We are taking various measures to ensure that we adhere to hygiene and social distancing requirements - the health of both students and staff being of paramount importance.

Please read the information below thoroughly and ensure that both you and your child understand the hygiene and social distancing requirements that we all must adhere to in order for us to remain open.

Upon returning to our studio in accordance with Federal National Roadmap to Recovery, our dance classes will begin with good hygiene, social distancing and the 4 square metre rule in place. This means that there must be adequate space for 4 square metres per person not including teachers. The New South Wales government have stated a maximum of 20 participants per class with up to 80 or 100 per venue respectively.

We must ensure that all of our students are aware of the following through instruction and relevant signage:

  • Regular hand washing and use of hand sanitiser will be encouraged. Hand sanitiser is to be used pre and post class for all participants including teachers.

  • Ensure coughs and sneezes are covered by a tissue or a flexed elbow; tissues should be disposed of in a closed bin and hands sanitised following sneezing/coughing.

  • Do not share water bottles and all unclaimed water bottles will be disposed of.

  • To speak up if a student or faculty member is feeling unwell.


An 'at home assessment' is required to be done by each student, confirming their suitability to return to class. 


Considerations - 

  • Are you suffering from a temperature or have been in the direct company of someone that is? (Over 38 degrees)

  • Do you have unusual fatigue, a dry cough, runny nose, sore throat or difficulty breathing? 

  • Have you been in contact with a confirmed COVID-19 case in the last 2 weeks?

  • If so, please seek medical advice immediately and alert us, so that self-isolation can be acknowledged.

It is only with a sound ability to 'pass' this self-assessment that we ask that you join us at the Le Beat studio.


  • Parents/guardians must not enter the studio.

  • Students must wait outside in their parents/guardians car until cleaning has been completed and instruction has been given for their class to enter.

  • The Studio Door will be locked in between classes to avoid students entering into the studio to early.Please do not knock on the door. Drop off and pick ups need to be at class times. 

  • Students will be asked to self-distance whilst waiting to enter for their class.No physical contact between people-so no hugs or handshakes. We must keep 1.5 meters from others at all times.

  • Dancers must not wait in the studio or indoor waiting room prior to their class unless you have been given permission to do so from a staff member due to having a break in between classes.

  • Dancers must arrive at the studio dressed and ready for class to avoid the need for changing rooms or unnecessary use of toilets.

  • Please make sure all bags and belongings are kept as separate as possible to avoid contact with others.

  • Hand sanitiser is to be used pre and post class for all participants including teachers.


  • Students must stay 1.5 metres apart.

  • Barres and the floor will be clearly marked to show appropriate distances. Teachers will also be required to maintain a distance of 1.5 metres from students.

  • Use of shared props and partner-work/physical contact (unless it is with members of your own household) is not permitted.

  • If students go to the bathroom during class they will be instructed to sanitise their hands before returning to the studio.



  • At the end of their class students will be returned to the entrance of the building for collection whilst ensuring child safety policies and procedures are in place.

  • Please make sure you are on time to pick up your child as we must adhere to the social distancing requirements and we don’t want any of our dancers having to wait outside in the cold.

The following hygiene procedures will take place after each class;

  • Wipe down and disinfect barres between every class

  • Wipe down and disinfectant door handles, balustrades and other high-touch surfaces on studio premises, including the floor.

  • Antibacterial hand soap will be available in bathrooms and hand sanitiser in studios and other areas.

  • Any unclaimed water bottles, hair accessories etc will be discarded of at the end of each day.


Please Note: All class and uniform payments must be completed online.

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